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A Bespoke Children's Wear and Accessories Store

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Digipress were required to create 4 giant books to be used as part a window display, for one of their stores.


Our challenge was to create 4 giant books, to be used as part of a window display. The materials needed to be strong and durable, as well as effortless to print on to.

This client has a bespoke line of stores that specialise in unique children’s wear and accessories. With 6 stores located around London, in addition to its online store, they have expanded at a phenomenal rate since opening their first store in 1990. The stores are well known for their beautiful decorations and unique window displays.


  • 4 different designs
  • 1 sample book
  • Sourcing a suitable material
  • Sturdy and able to be stacked in multiple ways


To achieve the bright eye-catching colours needed for each of the 4 different styles of giant book, our Digipress technicians used the SwissQ Nyala, a high performance machine that uses some of the highest quality inks in the business.

In order to make sure the books would be sturdy enough for the window display, the Digipress design team needed to source materials that could withstand the pressure of the other books and anything else that may be used for the window display. As the books would be hollow, the material used for the core structure had to be resilient to the pressure of being stacked and moved around.

The client requested a sample book to be made up, to see what the finished product would look like. It would be used to show how the materials withstood different weights and ways it would be displayed in the store’s window display. It was also to help decide if any changes needed to be made. The findings from this step showed that the original material used for the spine of the book was not suitable, as it was not rigid enough to hold the curved shape needed.

After consulting with our materials expert, the Digipress design team found 3 materials, that combined, would be suitable for the books. After conducting a stress test on a newly made book, it proved very effective and production of the books was started.


The client was delighted with the end result. The window display looked fantastic and attracted the attention of the public tremendously. Each of the 4 different designs were printed perfectly and, with the new material used for the spine, they proved both structurally effective and visually pleasing. The giant books were able to be displayed in a number of ways over the course of time that they were in the window display. To top the success off, as the books were hollow and so sturdy, the client would be able to use them as storage, or stand-alone shelving for their store. Recycling at its best!.

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