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ArenacrossUK required an array of printed items, from PVC Banners to Diabond Awards, for their 7 events taking place throughout the UK.


At Digipress we are always ready for a challenge, no matter how big or small, so you can only imagine our excitement when we received a call asking us to supply all the items for the ArenacrossUk Events across the UK for the 4th year in a row. From gigantic 10-metre banners to bale bags that needed to withstand the force of a motocross bike being hurled at it at over 40mph.

ArenacrossUK has been called one of Europe’s most incredible indoor race action freestyle MX events. The sport takes the most spectacular elements of outdoor racing, reduces them down into a concentrated highly charged concoction and then unleashes them into arenas onto purpose-built dirt tracks, so it’s only natural that they wanted their banners to be big and eye catching!

Key Requirements

  • Over 300 square metres of mesh banner
  • Tough, durable bale bags to line the track
  • Eye-catching awards for the winning entries


In order to produce the required number of banners (over 300sq meters) the Digipress technicians used the SwissQ Nyala, which specialises in large format printing. This high-performance machine meets the highest quality of standards whether it’s printing onto rigid or even stretchy materials. This machine offers an extra-large print bed measuring 3.2 by 1.6 metres, perfect to accommodate the size of mesh banners required by ArenacrossUK. The roll to roll feature for printing onto the mesh was exactly what we needed to make sure the quality of the print was to the highest standard possible. Each individual mesh banner was cut to size, hand hemmed by our trained staff for a professional finish. Lastly robust eyelet holes punched allowing it to be suspended above the arena.

The second challenge was the bale bags, as they needed to be made of a tough, durable material that isn’t easily damaged, due to the speed the motorbikes would be travelling. They also needed to be properly wrapped and secured. Digipress used foam blocks expertly wrapped in PVC banner that had been pre-printed ready for installation. This material was perfect for what the ArenacrossUK team needed, due to its anti-tear nature. It can withstand large impacts and still maintain its shape and stability.

For the much sought-after ArenacrossUK awards, Digipress was again asked to produce something that was hard wearing, yet aesthetically pleasing for the environment that it would be being used in. Digipress technicians knew straight away that they would be using dibond with the Brushed Butler finish. Dibond combines two 0.3mm aluminium layers, with a polythene core, finished with a protective film on either side. This means it has a very high resistance to weathering, along with being lightweight and retaining rigidity. The Brushed Butler finish is then used to create a professionally varnished surface with an excellent brushed look. The dibond is then routed to shape resulting in a clean, crisp finish.


The end result was spectacular, each of the bale bags were successfully installed and fitted their purpose perfectly. All the motocross winners were delighted with their award as well as their triumphant success. With over 300sq metres of mesh banners used, it created the awe-inspiring hanging displays that the ArenacrossUK team required to go around all 7 of the arenas across the UK. It was a great hit with the motocross community as well as the Digipress team.

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