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Brook Street Des Roches

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Digipress were tasked with creating and installing a total re-brand for Brook Street Des Roches in Milton Park.


Brooke Street Des Roches is a comprehensive commercial real estate practice with a national reputation for excellent service. Their visionary designer Sophie, contacted us with the designs she had created and required the Digipress technicians to bring to life. As this would be a substantial task, it required all hands on deck from the Digipress team. From our excellent Creative Art-Workers to our trained finishing team and everyone else in between.

Key Requirements

  • Complete new stationery
  • Acrylic signs
  • 3 Timber Bi-fold door vinyls
  • Step-off backlit LED letters
  • Vinyl graphics


Brook Street Des Roches’ fresh new look for their stationery required us to print on a vast level. This consisted of 150 Notepads, 12,000 Letterheads, 5,000 corner cards, 9,200 business cards, 2,000 compliment slips and 1,000 folders. All of which were hand finished and checked by our quality control team to ensure the items were looking their absolute best before delivery.

For the step-off acrylic signs the Digipress technicians used 10mm cast acrylic, this was then reverse printed and had its edges professionally polished to finish off the smart look that was required.

The 3 Timber Bi-fold doors were 7 metres with 6 panels, with a continuous image of building schematics across it that Sophie had chosen for us to print. This was printed one side of the door onto vinyl.

One of the most impressive pieces we were asked to create for Brook Street Des Roches was the LED light wall mount. For this we used step-off backlit LED letters with a brass finish for a striking look. Digipress had to create a template to mount the letters to the wall, run a cable through precision cut holes to the access panels, allowing the electrician to have access to the wiring. To finish off, the installation team hand polished all the brass letters, giving it a professional finish.

The cut vinyl logos were positioned on prominent walls around the building for maximum effect, this included a selection of offices and the canteen.


It took our efficient installation team only one day to complete the installation - the results were remarkable. Each aspect of the rebrand, from the stationary to the vinyl graphics around the offices, went according to plan, with the end result matching the professionalism Brook Street Des Roches emits. The LED lighted letters were eye catching and exceeded our expectations on how professional it would look once installed in the building.

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Brook Street Des Roches illuminated letters